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Start your own BTCA

Every young person who ever walks into a BTCA asks: “Why couldn’t I have gone to a school like this?!”  Because a BTCA has a bank at its heart, it enables its trainees to graduate school with an operating company to work for – rather than just a paper certificate to wave in the faces of an often shrinking pool of employers.

 So young people want to set up BTCAs. And PCI is seeking to accredit as many BTCAs as it can around the world over the next few years. As a youth-run organisation, we are eager to find dynamic young leaders to start them. But – it is difficult: you need to get your government to allow you to start one. You need to find a school or college – or a faith or municipal building to host it for you. You will need to find funding to pay for the international trainers and help you set up the Revolving Loan Fund which will provide your trainees with the loans they need to start-up their businesses. And you will need business mentors to help your fledgling businesses to grow and succeed – and, in our experience, it is much better if you can pay those mentors.

If you think you can find all these things, or you would like to try, this is what you must do:


Register your interest in setting up a BTCA. Write to: outreach@peacechild.org and we will send you a BTCA Manual and ‘Expression of Interest’ Form – which you must fill in and send, with the accompanying documentation requested. We will then add you to the register of interested countries. (Click on this to see the list below)

  1. Liberia (1);
  2. Sierra Leone (1);
  3. Guinea (1);
  4. Argentina (1);
  5. Peru (1);
  6. Jamaica (1);
  7. India (3);
  8. Pakistan (1);
  9. Afghanistan (1);
  10. Nepal (1);
  11. Malawi (1);
  12. Kenya (1);
  13. Tanzania (1);
  14. Ghana (2);
  15. Nigeria (1);


PCI staff will work with you to help you find the location, the funding, and the support you need to start a BTCA – and to create a strategic development plan to spread a network of BTCAs throughout your country.  We will put you in touch with other BTCA managers who have successfully launched BTCAs in their countries – so that you can learn from them how they did it.


Once you have the first year’s funding and a location approved, you are ready to sign a Franchise Agreement with Peace Child International – and open the doors of your BTCA to your first cohort of trainees.