World Youth Congress – Rio 2012

The headline accomplishment of the Rio 2012 WYC was a list of 20 solutions for a sustainable future. Which were announced to the world outside the Rio+20 conference.

Rio de Janeiro was a global focal point for sustainable development in 2012, with the Rio+20 conference, the Road to Rio+20 campaign, and the 6th WYC converging on the Brazilian city. Furthermore, the virtual WYC, allowed young persons from around the world access to workshops and presentations via live feeds online.

Rio 2012 - World Youth Congress
Rio World Youth Congress
World Youth Congress Rio

Headline Solutions

Put sustainability at the centre of education
Let youth lead governments, corporations and society into sustainability
Make it easy for youth to start businesses by providing capital, tax-breaks and reducing administrative bureaucracy
Redesign our economy to be sustainable and to make people happy by moving away from insatiable consumption practices
Shift to the use of renewable resources, and effectively make use of non-renewable resources to make this happen
Enforce regulations against pollution, exploitation and degradation of our oceans