Global Youth Job Creation Appeal

To celebrate our 35th birthday we are launching Peace Child’s Global Youth Job Creation Appeal.

Around the world, there are an estimated 620 million young people not in work, education or training – 865,000 in the UK alone. The World Bank estimates that youth unemployment costs the global economy a staggering $3 to $5 trillion a year.

In response to this crisis, we are harnessing our  greatest strength  – our active network of more than 5,000 young leaders from across the world.

These young people design and lead our employability and entrepreneurship programmes, improving the livelihoods of thousands of young people in the UK and overseas. And they are working with us to effect policy changes across governments that transform how we support new generations to make their way in the world.

But we want to do so much more. In this our 35th anniversary year, we are launching our Global Youth Job Creation Appeal to rapidly expand our Network and reach an unprecedented number of young people around the world.

The Appeal aims to raise £160,000 over the next 6 months to help us meet our goal of supporting 60,000 young people to get a job or start a business by 2020 – ­ young people who in turn will join our growing international network of young job creation advocates skilled in mentoring and supporting their peers to get, or create, decent jobs.

Please support our appeal today


Will help fund a business start up or set up a community savings group to support many young entrepreneurs.


Will help give 200 young people in the UK the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to secure a decent job.


Will help cover the cost of a high profile lobbying event that could change government policy.


Will help train a local NGO to deliver entrepreneurial trainings to vulnerable young people, reaching 600 young people per year.


Will help us to recruit a new Network Manager to expand our global network to 60,000 by 2020, connecting young people around the world with invaluable opportunities to volunteer, work, network and influence others.

The Global Youth Job Creation Appeal will:

  • Directly support 60,000 young people in the UK and overseas, helping them to develop their entrepreneurial skills, start a business of their own or build the skills needed to gain employment, whilst expanding the social and community networks and opportunities.

  • For every business started we conservatively estimate that that this will lead to the creation of an additional 10-15,000 new jobs.

  • Engage over 2,000 local partners including individuals, schools, youth organisations, NGO’s and others to develop and lead their own employability and entrepreneurship programmes – to become leaders, skilled in mentoring and supporting their peers to get, or create, decent jobs.

  • Established an online network of at least 50,000 young people from across the world committed improving the lives for the worlds most marginalised youth and able to support both each other and the development of policy and practice. For some young people (c10,000) their only contact with PCI will be through digital approaches and this is a key area of development for us over the next 4 years, providing a way for both PCI and our partners to engage with, listen to and support young people. We see this network as a key driver for change in policy and governance, helping improve how the political, environmental, economic and social systems of society function to determine the opportunities Young People have.

  • Drive innovation through the development of new training materials, bringing in learning from around the globe and utilising digital technology to stimulate engagement and improvements in both programme delivery and long term monitoring and evaluation.

You can donate below. Your support is greatly appreciated – thank you