A gathering of young leaders from all over the globe

Each World Youth Congress is held in a different country and has a different theme, from eradicating poverty to sustainable development. It’s a chance for active, innovative and capable young leaders from all over the globe to come together for a week-long event packed with activities.

  • World Youth Congress 2008
  • Youth Delegates at the World Youth Congress 2008
  • Youth Delegates at the World Youth Congress 2008
  • World Youth Congress 2008

“All the delegates bring back to their countries the seeds of inspiration which could grow into amazing things. That’s what makes the World Youth Congress unique amongst all the hundreds of youth events around the world.”

Marina Mansilla Hermann (Argentina)

Rio, 2012

347 delegates

Turkey, 2010

1200 delegates

Canada, 2008

537 delegates

Scotland, 2005

540 delegates

Morocco, 2003

848 delegates

Hawaii, 1999

820 delegates

Be a part of it

Sponsoring a World Youth Congress is a fantastic opportunity for a global organisation or corporation to take centre stage at an event that features high-profile decision-makers alongside some of the most energised and engaged young people on the planet.

  • High-level Debates

    A chance to collaborate with key leaders from the UN, World Bank and other international institutions to influence the global development agenda

  • Youth-led Workshops

    An ideal way to share your knowledge on a topic of your choice and learn from other young people, too

  • Community Action Projects

    An opportunity to engage with local citizens and work alongside them in the field