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Young brains towards a viable future!

What have the following got in common?

  • Climate change.
  • The exploitation of natural resources.
  • Population growth.
  • Social inequity.
  • Youth unemployment.

The answer, sorry answers!

All are pressing problems, all are much discussed, and all remain, depressingly, unresolved.

The GEEBIZ response

In order to rectify the situation Geebiz argues:

  • 1. That young people need to be empowered and their innovative ideas listened to.
  • 2. That the Green economy represents our best hope for delivering a greener more equal future.
  • 3. That the cooperation of governments, non-governmental organisations and the private sector will be crucial in bringing this green vision to pass.


The Rio+20 Earth Summit, advertised as epoch defining prior to its being held, saw much mingling between Heads of State, dignitaries, and a plethora of other representatives of various ranks. But to what end? The sum total of endless debates and shoulder rubbing was the document, “The Future We Want”. Is this epoch defining? If so, has the future been reduced to a zero-sum game? Faced with this diplomatic dead end GEEBIZ contends that instead of scripting words, in a lazy appeal for action, policy makers should be taking decisive measures that facilitate tangible results.

GEEBIZ is inspired by those young innovators who care about important issues and moreover who enact real changes in order to fill the vacuum left by empty words. It is action, tangible and real, that will animate the world to build the Future We REALLY Want.