Lubna Sadek
Lubna Sadek


I joined Peace child as an intern and as part of a task force team to develop a road map to full Youth employment by 2030.  I was luckily chosen by the task force team to represent the Editorial team at the Global Monitoring Report launch in October 2012 at UNESCO’s headquarters.


I joined Peace child as an intern when I was 23 years old in 2012.


I am currently the Program Coordinator of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Graduate (TLG) Program at the American University in Cairo. I’ve been working in development since my internship with Peace Child, helping youth with employability and training to youth in different governorates in Egypt. The American University program called Tomorrow’s Leaders Graduates aims to build a cadre of professional leaders who are civic-minded, intellectually able, and professionally skilled, to become the community, business, and national leaders of the future. TLG programs help youth gain a Master’s degree, giving students access to relevant and meaningful employment opportunities by increasing their workforce employability skills through demand-driven job training.


It has been a life-changing journey. Peace Child was my first step in this field and I will always be grateful for such an opportunity. I have learned a lot of things from Rosey and David. I wish PC the happiest birthday on its 40th anniversary and I want to thank them for all the great effort they are doing to help the world become a better place. Keep the faith and keep the good work going.