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The purpose of Work the Change (WTC) is to ease the school-to-work transition for teenagers through employability workshops. Ambassadors aged 17+ are trained to deliver workshops to their younger peers. There is also a follow on mentorship programme for those Year 10 students who could benefit from gaining confidence and learning to develop skills while still at school. The workshop modules focus on four main topics…

What it Involves

1. Preliminary Discussions – PCI visits school and meets with Heads of VI Form and Year 10 to find out what the school is already doing and discuss the programme. School selects approximately 20 Ambassadors.

2. Ambassador Training Programme – PCI runs a one day training day for Ambassadors

3. Presentation Day - There is a 20 minute Assembly followed by the classroom sessions where the year group splits into classes and revolve from one module to the next. These modules are delivered by the ambassadors with trained PCI staff overseeing activities. At the end of the morning there is a wrap-up session sees the year group come back together to look at next steps and set personal goals.

4. Pack for Tutor Groups provided - Quick and snappy worksheets allow students to reflect on the workshops’ messages in a fun and engaging way.

5. Mentored Sessions – 20 Year 10 students are invited to attend mentorship sessions to improve their confidence and employability skills. At the end of 6 sessions the group has to plan and deliver an activity such as running sessions for Year 7s, staging a charity event, etc.

Why Work the Change?

• There is a significant skills mismatch. UKCES figures state that 16% of jobs go unfilled due to a skills shortage.

• The Expectations of young workers often don’t match the reality of the working world, which can have lasting effects on attitudes to work. WTC gives youth a realistic impression of the workplace so they can enter the workforce without misconceptions.

• A CV lacking work experience is very off-putting to potential employers. We show youth how to bulk up their CVs with eye-catching achievements.

• The teaching of how to research the job market, CV writing and interview skills are squeezed to the margins by the current curriculum. WTC provides a space where skills critical to the transition to the working world are brought to life in an engaging easy to understand way.

• Interview situations can be particularly stressful for youth with no prior experience of the workplace. WTC gives them the confidence to “market” themselves to potential employers.

• It helps students maximise the benefits from Work Experience programmes



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