New Programme Idea: What Do You Think?

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We’ve got a new idea for a programme, and we want your opinion.


In the comments section, let us know:

1. if you think this is a good idea and why or why not,

2. if you would consider paying for this event, and if so, how much?


Our Concept  

PCI wants to launch annual international business camps, which will offer entrepreneurial trainings and work-related learning for young people aged 16 to 25.

The camps will be run in developing countries for a week to 10 days. Attended by 50% international and 50% local delegates, they will be interactive and fun with a mix of activities, games, keynote speakers, business workshops, local action projects and cultural events.

Each delegate will be given a ‘buddy’ from the host country, and they will work together to develop a joint concept, which at the end, will have the chance to secure seed funding.

The local delegate will need to have a basic business plan or core idea that will benefit from international involvement, and they will ideally have previous experience running a small business.

The core focus of this concept would be on creative industries and the green economy. Helping individuals or teams to develop concepts and create products which will appeal to international markets and opening distribution channels.

For example, a local delegate could make shoes, jewelry, art or clothing, the international delegate can help develop the ideas and create awareness and demand overseas. Alternatively, business ideas could include digital platforms or tourism, but they would need to be businesses that benefit from overseas involvement.

How it works

Young people from OECD countries will pay a small fee to attend, their fee will cover all in-country costs plus sponsorship for 25 young delegates from the host country.

For this fee, they will receive:

  • 7-10 days of food and accommodation plus all in-country travel costs
  • Expert tuition and business plan creation clinics
  • Successful entrepreneurial speakers
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Confidence building and leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Art of decision making and negotiation
  • Improved cultural understanding
  • Local action projects within the community
  • Chance to receive seed funding for developing a website

1. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

2. Would consider paying for this event, and if so, how much?

Answer in the comments below. Thank you.

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  • Cha

    Hi there, sorry might be a bit late to the party but here are my thoughts:
    – I agree with the age range to be extended until 35 yo as some people get the entrepreneurial bug later – and 35 is still young 🙂
    – Fee wise: I would say no more than 200 £/$/Euros for OECD participants (and I already find this high, knowing that they will have to pay for transports too)
    – I find 7-10 days short, very (very) short to come, work and adapt to a new environment. And being paired up and working with someone from surely a (very) different culture might be a struggle for some. So I guess maybe the selection of applicants should be made with people that have been proven to have already worked in a different and/or developing environment, in both sides.
    I have worked in a cross-cultural environment in Senegal with British and Senegalese volunteers and languages and cultural, in general, differences may have hampered effectivity of our work at times.

    Otherwise, I think it is a good idea.

  • Asmat

    young people from different geographical settings exchanging ideas about how to start new businesses, sounds great. The fee is definitely worth the experience i mean 100 to 300 range is an affordable range but unfortunately the program is not for the people who live conflict zones.

  • Omar

    great idea and thank you for the information


    Great idea, i am within the age bracket but also support the idea of an increase to 35 years. i am looking forwarding to your updates on the program. thanks

  • Valentina

    I believe it’s a great idea, being 22, so suitable for the program, I would consider to join it for sure. I agree with those who say in other comments to enlarge the age limit, 18-30 would be more suitable, as in many Erasmus+ Programmes, but mine is a europe-centred opinion being based in Europe.

    Not being the flight cost mentioned, i think the fee shouldn’t be more than 200-300 €, but it is hard to say an amount: it depends on which countries the programme would be held and on the effective organisation costs. I believe the fee shouldn’t be higher than the mentioned amount as I imagine that people from all over the world should have the opportunity to join, from more developped countries as well as from developing countries, and a higher fee + flight cost would mean to demotivate to participate many talented youngsters who couldn’t afford it. It all depends on which your target is: do you want to involve talented people with fewer opportunities too, or sell a product to talented people who can afford it?

  • peace

    Thank you to everyone for responding. Considering the generally positive feedback received, we plan to move forward with the business camp idea.

    The project is very early days, so we don’t have answers to some of your questions yet. However, based on your responses, we will expand the age bracket to age 35, and we’ll work to get the project partially funded to keep participant costs down.

    If you think of any more comments, please don’t hesitate to add them below. Thank you all again!

    – Peace Child International staff

  • Joseph Kato

    This is a good idea as it will give a business incite to the youth and young entrepreneurs. I welcome the idea of involving international participants and i feel this a good chance for youth especially from OECD to grow their startup businesses and pave ways for their survival. I feel later it can as well be affiliated to different global institutions like the World Bank, The MasterCard Foundation, YALI network…. However, it should be more OPEN to people up to 30 years of age. So 18-30 would be good. Different people from this age bracket may have a clear picture and more experience as regards business ideas – may act as a guide to most of the participants.

    Regarding payments, i have got an opportunity to attend similar trainings here in Uganda. Personally from what i have experienced, many youth have been denied a chance to participate in these trainings due to hiked prices. I propose that before determining training fees, a thorough look at the country’s economy and youth status be done. Thus i would recommend different charges to different countries. It means that there will not be a general flat/fixed fee for these programmes.

    When you look at the status of the youth in Uganda for example, approximately every year a total of 400,000 youth are released into the job market after graduating to a market that has only 90,000 jobs. According to a report by African Development of 2013/2014, it stated that Uganda had 75 percent of youth unemployed which is a very alarming percentage that makes the labour market small for the population that is fast growing with very few jobs being created. It means with this status, a few youth would not afford paying for example 300 dollars which is approximately 1.1 million shillings. Why am i bringing this? Before deciding for what should be paid, you need to understand the current situation of the youth in the respective countries as this will determine their turn up anticipated programmes.

    Most of the youth here have suggested a 300 dollar fee but i have attended a local programme that was intended to accommodate 60% local and 40% international participants BUT due to hiked training fees only 15% of the locals turned up with an 85% international turn up. Some participants and organisers attributed this to poor organisation and inadequate publicity BUT the problem was clear………..High participating fees

    Therefore according to me, 100$-150$ would be reasonable and affordable to some of the youth in addition to both local and international grants.

    • Krishna

      The start of this idea is an exceptional in that it erases class boundaries and really gives students who feel they have less power to create larger impact in the world, a mode of inspiration. The whole idea has extremely beneficial long terms impacts on the growth of those countries and the connectivity between youth from all social classes which is a wonderful thing to even think about experiencing. Being a 17 year old myself who would be eligible for this program, I would say that there may be a lot of logistical thoughts running in the back of my head in terms of which country am I going to and what exactly “we” as in the other youth in the world that Im working with, in the end to accomplish as a whole.

      I believe that it is important to think about not only creating “products” that would be beneficial but creating tangible ideas and systems that can be implemented or inserted into already existing business who would be willing to accept ideas and have students from perhaps different parts of the world work with them. In this way, what the youth create can have potential for connections and will not remain a temporary endeavor. Also, with so many youth in other countries who have potential and so many wonderful ideas , the criteria for the program should be very open and we could have a connectivity program that allows these students to explore what ideas and problems they have or want to tackle.

      For example, in a Model U.N setting, students will first have to have open discussions and speeches in order for the remaining of the youth to understand what topics or resolution methods they are most interested in and that is how we find students who we can work well with in order to create solutions that are successful and thoughtful. We need to figure out what fascinates all the students and allow us to communicate and talk rather than assigning a “buddy” right off the top and that is how we can make this experience more open and in the end successful enough to sustain.

      Since we do not know exactly where this project is going and what is bound to come out of it, it may be best to stick to a lower price and offer scholarships based on writing criteria and assess passions and goals of the students in order to attend this. I might have to say that as an American student with burning ideas and hopes to communicate with youth worldwide; I would be willing to pay about $500- $1000.

      Thank you!
      Hopefully, my reply is beneficial and if you would like to receive any more input; feel free to email me!

  • Babalola abraham

    it is a nice concept, it will be alot helpful and it will be bring PCI closer to all.I will be willing to pay #10,00(naira) – 15,000(naira)

  • Ezenwa Okoro

    Awesome idea but what happened to the Guinea conference and aftermath… I have been waiting as a member of your task-force to share ideas with your organization but there hasn’t been any opportunity to do that. The International Business Camp is a brilliant idea and should be pitched to MasterCard Foundation, Department for International Development (DFID), International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for endorsement and sponsorship, that way you can offer every selected participant full scholarship and seed capital. Then you can also increase the age range for participants to 35 years old. I am a Mandela Washington Fellow and I can offer my services to you for a successful outcome.

  • isabel

    I think it´s a wonderful idea that can criates empathy and solidarity amon the youth. This two issues mentioned above is very urgent questions nowadays.

  • Mawulolo

    Great idea!

  • Huong Dang

    It’s definitely a great idea with helpful approach & practical outcomes for both participants & organisers.
    This model can be very flexible to multiply all over the world so that both the learners & coachers can benefit globally.
    My only concern is that how you gonna quality control the program? which should be very practical, informative, adaptable to a very diverse group of target participants?

    Best & huge wishes to the idea come true!

  • Mary Anthony

    This is definitely an excellent idea! Empowering the youth with entrepreneurial skills will instill a sense of leadership and independence in them.

  • Innocent Okoro

    It is a good idea, but implimentation could be a problem for you. The Guinea conference you made a lot of hype about did not hold as a result of the ebola outbreak yet all your assurances about re convening the event failed.

  • Adedayo

    Great concept,the age bracket issue should be looked into,the fee $100 to $200.HOW would you monitor the progress?

  • Simone

    What a good idea !

    As many people have said, I also think that to expect creative and significant business plans, the age should be extended at 35 years old. Too young people may have good ideas, but not as much experience to draw it out clearly in a business plan. I understand that they must be beginners, but a little experience will be needed in order to be more proactive.

    Naturally, international participants may need fundings, considering international air ticket costs, and considering their added value in activities (keynote speakers, workshops facilitators, etc.).

    I personally, do venerate the idea, and would be glad to take part in organizing it, as well as I could.

  • Alexandra

    It is a wonderful idea: with the OEDC for the OEDC people. However, don’t forget the delegates are from OEDC, they don’t get opportunities at a young age like it does happen in other parts of the word. Considering that I would suggest to go from 18 to 35. With over 25 years old you are sure to have a sustainable business because it is the average age where you could have access yourself to opportunities, without confronting the elders. Also, even though the fees would help to cover the local expenses, I would suggest to have scholarships to cover the tickets. Usually it is what prevents youths from OEDC taking part to international events. The tickets are so expensive. But, on top of that, It is a very good idea. And, if anymore help is needed I would be happy to help organize that

  • Pia

    Awesome idea!

    I’d agree with the age gap. 18-30 or 35 would be better considering business development is important for any age group. Could even split the camps into young adults and adults.

  • Ebenezer O. Akinrinade

    Awesome idea, I must commend. The PCI team would really make a huge impact when eventually this idea becomes a reality.
    Much as been said already by other contributors and if am to emphasize on any, it would be on the need to adjust the age bracket and work towards making sponsorship (partial or full) available for candidates who may want to apply for the program. Keep up the good work. You have my good wishes!

  • Uchechukwu Sakar

    Hello guys, I would start with introducing myself. I am Sakar Uchechukwu, 22yrs, Nigerian, Humanitarian advocate/activist/orator etc whose organizational core values upholds the empowerment of PLWDs. Why i did introduction is to oblige some people that age is never a barrier and also, not a determinant of capability, experience and endowment.

    The proposed trainings/workshop is a success and will yield multiple increase if we pre-understand our diversified mitigation and strengths. 1. Any youth in Africa and Asia who can spend any amount above USD100 plus cost of flight to and fro the event rendezvoús is living in ecstacy. 2. The conversion rate is appreciating daily due to disparity in GDP and PPP. Hence, we aint talking about anything above hundred dollars. (this is about 30 and 90 thousand Naira and France in the Subsaharan Africa). We should accomodate our fellow comrades who are not financially buoyant but possess the daring spirit of an innovative changemakers.

    With respect to the age bracket, the youth are not to be beyond 31. But the 31+ can be accomodated to boost the spirit of the younger youths. I so much believe that there are “ENERGY in SYNERGY”. People OECD countries had in the past missed several opportunities just because high cost of participation fees. I site myself in the instance: a. Invited for the G-200 summit, no funds. B. Invited for the human right week in the University of South Africa as a guest speaker, no funds. Etc. These and the likes had mitigated our breakthrough and it liberally seem as though OECD Youth aint active/innovative, we simply don’t have the dollars.

  • Kelvin Anthony

    Idea is noble. What I have concerns about are:

    1. Age range: I believe it is too narrow. 18-30 would be more suitable for a programme as such for young people from developing countries.
    2. Costs: the fee really needs to be reasonable and must take into account that many young people in developing countries can not be part of such programmes just because they get financially disadvantaged from the get-go.
    3. How will PCI measure the sustainability of such a programme?

  • Kieron

    Very good idea.

    Economic development is spurred by small and medium business being able to start and develop. Government expenditure alone cannot sustain economic growth.

    Small economies often suffer low national revenue, and therefore need more business investment to promote jobs, earning, spending, taxes, etc.

    Good idea to start with the youth. See if businesses and NGOs, etc will sponsor costs.

    • Ronald Kiwalabye

      Great idea. Enterpreneurship is the only to tackle youth unemployment. However experience shows that such projects start in high gear during the initial stages and loose steam as years progress. More efforts therefore need to be put in th implementation and monitoring stages. 3 dollars will be an approriate entry fee.

  • MacDonald Chiwara

    Great idea indeed! Entrepreneurial skills are key to development. Based on the economic situation of most developing nations a fee in the range of $10 to $20 would be reasonable considering most of the youths in that age group do not have any form of employment. I think the age range must also accommodate up to 32 years.

  • Mostafa Shahat - G.O.L Founder

    A great idea, and to implement you will need a MENA region representative who has many networks with all the local NGOs which are working in Entrepreneurship field in the region, I am interested in holding that position in volunteering basis if the idea sounds interesting, you can reach to me ([email protected]). Thanks, Mostafa

  • Tamoy Singh

    I think this is an excellent idea. Young people need this form of training to learn to be entrepreneurs in an effort to reduce youth unemployment. This kind of training will also promote innovation and creativity among youth. For these reasons alone I am all for it.

  • Adetoyese Adeoye

    This is a brilliant idea, a better concept, youth oriented project, the concept is creatively designed for the purpose of encouraging the youth, traine them to find proper job for appropriate income. The age bracket is not a bad one since it’s designed to cater for the life of less privileged youths in the society.

    I would suggest that the numbers of participating youths be increased to 50 and above,for example, in Nigeria the numbers of jobless and unemployed youths cannot be over-emphasized, in other words, we need a project that will accommodate large numbers of youths in such a developmental project.

    I also suggest a participating fee of $100 to $150 considering the economic situation in this part of the world. Parents and guardians will be carried along to create proper awareness and endorsements. Let the programme based on vocational youth education, like creative arts, the concept of tourism and culture, networking, marketing and collaboration.

  • Hamadullah

    Idea is nice and reasonable, but my age is not lying in this.

  • Norys Gómez

    I think it is an excellent idea guys, but as a few have stated I think there are some things worth adjusting. I come from a developing country and thus think some things must be considered, as other comments have mention I have mostly a summary of the ones I think most important to considerate:
    1. The age gap… as someone said, kids 16-22 are still on another life stage, I think it should be directed to ages 25-35 maybe. Plus, keep in mind the age range that you first propose mostly couldn’t even pay for themselves.
    2. The fee, 300 us is Still too much for young people in developing counties, this is our reality, you see it as a fair investment, we have to use the exchange rate, that keeps going up by the day in some countries and is too high. Young people salaries over here, don’t really allow us to spend 350 that easily…
    3. I think the sponsorship idea is a great one actually, and it even makes the program more interesting, because it gives a sense of reality to the projects. You could try and find sponsorship from the private sector, that could also opt to support some of these projects later on, or offer internships on their business, or even hire some of these kids if the recognize a talented idea.
    4. Also involve some government sectors to help promote the event and cooperate with some of the events expenses, like venues etc.. that would help lower the costs.

  • Tanesha Caine

    This is a great idea. I think it should cost approximately US$300.00 however it should be open for persons up to age 35.

    • Nathaniel

      I agree with this. The age bracket is limiting, if you truly want a mentorship programme.

  • Awubung Valerie Asewgen

    I must confess it is a laudable initiative, however, i suggest just like most others, that the age range is alarmingly narrow if PCI via this idea most meet the needs and aspirations of especially African youths and Cameroon in particular. Given that youths at 25 years in most cases have not faced the realities of life and as such they are not burdered to a greater extend in outlining exactly what they want from life. Therefore i suggest the age rage should be something about 36 and why not upto 40years

  • seth

    great idea. I am really looking forward to it.

  • Olanrewaju Daodu

    Great idea guys. Please consider these few comments in my opinion :

    1. Is it possible to tweak the ‘business camp’ to ‘entrepreneurship camp’? This in my opinion shift the focus from traditional business ventures to creative industries.

    2. The age bracket seems too narrow. I will suggest a wider age bracket to accommodate other creative young people who are currently exempted from this proposal.

    3. A few between $350-500 will be fair.


  • Adewuyi Owoade S.

    Brilliant idea! But just as it has been requested, I’ll be willing to address some areas as I feel;
    1. I’ll like the visioneers to have a review of the age limit due to the fact that in the developing countries, there are more than 50% of the aspiring enterprising youths above the age of 25 years and I’ll tell you that 25% of the youths within the age range don’t even know what they want to do with their lives.
    2. As regards the funding, I feel it’ll be best for the event planners to partner with some organizations that will be willing to fund the event as that will a good way to subsidize the application fees “if not fully funded eventually”. Because if the event is targeting majorly Developing nations and it’s is known that the average daily living cost of a family in developing countries is ±$1. Considering that, most people with the world ruling ideas will have limitations of applying.
    3. Also, I’ll want to stress that an applicant without any viable business plan should not even apply. Therefore the idea of 50 applicants with business plan can be adjusted.
    My opinion.

  • Alejandro Nievas

    I have participated in several project like this one , and i can assure that the results are very satisfactory, the main idea is encourage entrepreneurship, creating new ideas and recycling old ones. For example, In a project in Greece, we work with a young lady who wasn’t able to find a job as geologist , use her knowledge in creating an small Jewellery business, with different types of rocks and minerals, and that is only one example , if we add the “overseas” factor the possibilities are endless.
    And about the fee, it should be affordable, around 400-500€ maximum, we cannot let the personal economical situation to stop great ideas.

  • Hilary NGIDE

    The program is an interesting one and it will help a great deal in boosting youth employment in most developing countries. The design is also good because it plans not to charge local campers in host communities.

  • Jerry

    It is of course a great idea.
    However, if the concept is around resolving the problem of unemployment in developing countries then —despite the comments before me suggesting all the participants should pay a fee to attend— you will need stick on the idea of not charging the local campers. The buddies idea is really a great one. To attract the international participants, I personally think they shouldn’t pay any fee either given the fact they would cover the airfare but must be having a proven track record in running successfully businesses. So the funds to run these camps should come elsewhere.

  • Kudzanai M Mutomba

    This is a noble idea that can improve the livelihoods of young people. The program also offers mentorship opportunity for these young people since they are trained and guided throughout the program. This program is worth a fee of $350 according to my opinion. However, the major challenge with this project is that it will discriminate young people from poor backgrounds. Firstly, the program is targeting developing countries who are already struggling with other national issues. Most young people in these countries are unemployed or they have poor families. Therefore, the is need for proper scholarships for this program to give full impact to the developing countries. Secondly, the program might end up being for the rich families, because of the fee.

    • Alejandro Nievas

      maybe Another solution for the fee issue would be looking for sponsor for each team. But yes, is “must” to try to make this kind of event and project open to everyone , no matter the economic background.

  • Erabose

    I Think Its A Good Idea, And Will Pay Whats Affordable, But I Think It Should Be A Little More Open To People 30yrs Too, Thanks

  • Amanambu Amobichukwu

    this is an outstanding Idea. i would love to pay as long as it is affordable. as a youth leader in my country, i will even campaign and write articles to tell young minds about this. please make it happen. Amanambu Amobi says

  • Monday Onyebuchi

    I think this program will be very good and interesting, but where I want to object is the idea of 50 local delegates having a business plan or currently having a business. I think this should not be limited to only the local delegates, it should also include the international delegates, as this will help them share corresponding business ideas. Also the fee should be for every delegates, infact the local delegates should be made to pay higher as the international delegates will have to pay for their transportation. The registration should be structured in a way that each delegate can choose a business category and all those in that category should be paired during the program. I love this idea. God bless PCI

  • David Mawejje

    Am happy about this opportunity and inquiring how to get in touch.Does it also apply to my country Uganda because am interested plus some few friends who make good african jewelry and crafts.

  • Farhan Yusuf

    I think this is a very good idea especially the ‘buddy’ aspect which is innovative and not seen in various other similar entrepreneurship related training programs and/or camps. My suggestion however would be to increase the age group to 30 to include more aspiring entrepreneurs. I would definitely pay for such a program however keeping in mind that these will be held in developing countries the amount has to be affordable. The maximum I would pay is 300$.

  • asmaryadi

    Wow,,it’s a great program. In my opinion, empowering young is the best way to make prosperous society.

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