New Programme Idea: What Do You Think?

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We’ve got a new idea for a programme, and we want your opinion.


In the comments section, let us know:

1. if you think this is a good idea and why or why not,

2. if you would consider paying for this event, and if so, how much?


Our Concept  

PCI wants to launch annual international business camps, which will offer entrepreneurial trainings and work-related learning for young people aged 16 to 25.

The camps will be run in developing countries for a week to 10 days. Attended by 50% international and 50% local delegates, they will be interactive and fun with a mix of activities, games, keynote speakers, business workshops, local action projects and cultural events.

Each delegate will be given a ‘buddy’ from the host country, and they will work together to develop a joint concept, which at the end, will have the chance to secure seed funding.

The local delegate will need to have a basic business plan or core idea that will benefit from international involvement, and they will ideally have previous experience running a small business.

The core focus of this concept would be on creative industries and the green economy. Helping individuals or teams to develop concepts and create products which will appeal to international markets and opening distribution channels.

For example, a local delegate could make shoes, jewelry, art or clothing, the international delegate can help develop the ideas and create awareness and demand overseas. Alternatively, business ideas could include digital platforms or tourism, but they would need to be businesses that benefit from overseas involvement.

How it works

Young people from OECD countries will pay a small fee to attend, their fee will cover all in-country costs plus sponsorship for 25 young delegates from the host country.

For this fee, they will receive:

  • 7-10 days of food and accommodation plus all in-country travel costs
  • Expert tuition and business plan creation clinics
  • Successful entrepreneurial speakers
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Confidence building and leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Art of decision making and negotiation
  • Improved cultural understanding
  • Local action projects within the community
  • Chance to receive seed funding for developing a website

1. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

2. Would consider paying for this event, and if so, how much?

Answer in the comments below. Thank you.

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  • Hamadullah

    Idea is nice and reasonable, but my age is not lying in this.

  • Norys Gómez

    I think it is an excellent idea guys, but as a few have stated I think there are some things worth adjusting. I come from a developing country and thus think some things must be considered, as other comments have mention I have mostly a summary of the ones I think most important to considerate:
    1. The age gap… as someone said, kids 16-22 are still on another life stage, I think it should be directed to ages 25-35 maybe. Plus, keep in mind the age range that you first propose mostly couldn’t even pay for themselves.
    2. The fee, 300 us is Still too much for young people in developing counties, this is our reality, you see it as a fair investment, we have to use the exchange rate, that keeps going up by the day in some countries and is too high. Young people salaries over here, don’t really allow us to spend 350 that easily…
    3. I think the sponsorship idea is a great one actually, and it even makes the program more interesting, because it gives a sense of reality to the projects. You could try and find sponsorship from the private sector, that could also opt to support some of these projects later on, or offer internships on their business, or even hire some of these kids if the recognize a talented idea.
    4. Also involve some government sectors to help promote the event and cooperate with some of the events expenses, like venues etc.. that would help lower the costs.

  • Tanesha Caine

    This is a great idea. I think it should cost approximately US$300.00 however it should be open for persons up to age 35.

  • Awubung Valerie Asewgen

    I must confess it is a laudable initiative, however, i suggest just like most others, that the age range is alarmingly narrow if PCI via this idea most meet the needs and aspirations of especially African youths and Cameroon in particular. Given that youths at 25 years in most cases have not faced the realities of life and as such they are not burdered to a greater extend in outlining exactly what they want from life. Therefore i suggest the age rage should be something about 36 and why not upto 40years

  • seth

    great idea. I am really looking forward to it.

  • Olanrewaju Daodu

    Great idea guys. Please consider these few comments in my opinion :

    1. Is it possible to tweak the ‘business camp’ to ‘entrepreneurship camp’? This in my opinion shift the focus from traditional business ventures to creative industries.

    2. The age bracket seems too narrow. I will suggest a wider age bracket to accommodate other creative young people who are currently exempted from this proposal.

    3. A few between $350-500 will be fair.


  • Adewuyi Owoade S.

    Brilliant idea! But just as it has been requested, I’ll be willing to address some areas as I feel;
    1. I’ll like the visioneers to have a review of the age limit due to the fact that in the developing countries, there are more than 50% of the aspiring enterprising youths above the age of 25 years and I’ll tell you that 25% of the youths within the age range don’t even know what they want to do with their lives.
    2. As regards the funding, I feel it’ll be best for the event planners to partner with some organizations that will be willing to fund the event as that will a good way to subsidize the application fees “if not fully funded eventually”. Because if the event is targeting majorly Developing nations and it’s is known that the average daily living cost of a family in developing countries is ±$1. Considering that, most people with the world ruling ideas will have limitations of applying.
    3. Also, I’ll want to stress that an applicant without any viable business plan should not even apply. Therefore the idea of 50 applicants with business plan can be adjusted.
    My opinion.

  • Alejandro Nievas

    I have participated in several project like this one , and i can assure that the results are very satisfactory, the main idea is encourage entrepreneurship, creating new ideas and recycling old ones. For example, In a project in Greece, we work with a young lady who wasn’t able to find a job as geologist , use her knowledge in creating an small Jewellery business, with different types of rocks and minerals, and that is only one example , if we add the “overseas” factor the possibilities are endless.
    And about the fee, it should be affordable, around 400-500€ maximum, we cannot let the personal economical situation to stop great ideas.

  • Hilary NGIDE

    The program is an interesting one and it will help a great deal in boosting youth employment in most developing countries. The design is also good because it plans not to charge local campers in host communities.

  • Jerry

    It is of course a great idea.
    However, if the concept is around resolving the problem of unemployment in developing countries then —despite the comments before me suggesting all the participants should pay a fee to attend— you will need stick on the idea of not charging the local campers. The buddies idea is really a great one. To attract the international participants, I personally think they shouldn’t pay any fee either given the fact they would cover the airfare but must be having a proven track record in running successfully businesses. So the funds to run these camps should come elsewhere.

  • Kudzanai M Mutomba

    This is a noble idea that can improve the livelihoods of young people. The program also offers mentorship opportunity for these young people since they are trained and guided throughout the program. This program is worth a fee of $350 according to my opinion. However, the major challenge with this project is that it will discriminate young people from poor backgrounds. Firstly, the program is targeting developing countries who are already struggling with other national issues. Most young people in these countries are unemployed or they have poor families. Therefore, the is need for proper scholarships for this program to give full impact to the developing countries. Secondly, the program might end up being for the rich families, because of the fee.

    • Alejandro Nievas

      maybe Another solution for the fee issue would be looking for sponsor for each team. But yes, is “must” to try to make this kind of event and project open to everyone , no matter the economic background.

  • Erabose

    I Think Its A Good Idea, And Will Pay Whats Affordable, But I Think It Should Be A Little More Open To People 30yrs Too, Thanks

  • Amanambu Amobichukwu

    this is an outstanding Idea. i would love to pay as long as it is affordable. as a youth leader in my country, i will even campaign and write articles to tell young minds about this. please make it happen. Amanambu Amobi says

  • Monday Onyebuchi

    I think this program will be very good and interesting, but where I want to object is the idea of 50 local delegates having a business plan or currently having a business. I think this should not be limited to only the local delegates, it should also include the international delegates, as this will help them share corresponding business ideas. Also the fee should be for every delegates, infact the local delegates should be made to pay higher as the international delegates will have to pay for their transportation. The registration should be structured in a way that each delegate can choose a business category and all those in that category should be paired during the program. I love this idea. God bless PCI

  • David Mawejje

    Am happy about this opportunity and inquiring how to get in touch.Does it also apply to my country Uganda because am interested plus some few friends who make good african jewelry and crafts.

  • Farhan Yusuf

    I think this is a very good idea especially the ‘buddy’ aspect which is innovative and not seen in various other similar entrepreneurship related training programs and/or camps. My suggestion however would be to increase the age group to 30 to include more aspiring entrepreneurs. I would definitely pay for such a program however keeping in mind that these will be held in developing countries the amount has to be affordable. The maximum I would pay is 300$.

  • asmaryadi

    Wow,,it’s a great program. In my opinion, empowering young is the best way to make prosperous society.

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